CHRISTOPHER R. CONNER - President & Founder / Fire Lieutenant/Paramedic at Bedford Fire
As a career firefighter, Lt. Conner knew the risks of the job and accepted them if it mean helping others. Early in his career, firefighters that he worked with were getting cancer and losing their battles. They also acquired other disorders that called for support (from personal injuries to concerns of mental health issues) assessed from the job. He learned firsthand that cancer is not just a disease that affects the individual, but it also has affects on families and friends. Creating a platform like F.A.C.E.S. allowed the opportunity to offer the fire service many resources, educational materials and cancer preventive policies. Through his vast national network of caring supporters (including retired firefighters), he united a coalition of care-givers that would deliver a vast array of possibilities for those in need.

LENNARD M. GETTZ - Vice President / Exec. Director - First Responders Health Advocacy
Since 9/11 (where he volunteered as a member of the local clean-up crew), Lennard dedicated his life's work around supporting the cancer care community through public outreach, advocacy, education and other collaborative public efforts. He founded the NY Cancer Resource Alliance to bring public awareness about prevention and early detection initiatives to first responders. He also partnered with some of the top minds and innovators in the medical community, opening new channels in education and research as part of a mission to bring new resources to the battle against cancer. NYCRA continues its efforts outside the New York community, building new partners throughout the U.S. and abroad with its global arm. Known as the INTEGRATIVE CANCER RESOURCE SOCIETY, his international initiative bridges new partnerships in the field of 'making a difference'.

ROBERT L. BARD, MD - Chief Medical Director - Cancer Research / Diagnostic Specialist
It is a specialized science and a honed craft to read (and predict) cancer behavior in real time through imaging. Dr. Bard attributes his career in radiology to the US Air Force, having served in military hospitals in Thailand and Laos in the early ‘70’s. His expertise was founded on the critical demands for immediate response and real-time diagnostic implementation of scanning technologies where time and accuracy are of the ultimate essence. His critical eye for the many medical imaging devices to the 'battle hardened' challenges of a military hospital setting is also a main asset as a "cancer detective". Having worked with countless military patients, to first responders (including many from 9/11 rescue units), Dr. Bard's record as a medical leader in cancer diagnostics is an asset to the fight against cancer. (See complete bio)

ROBERT WEBB - (Ret) Fire Captain, Fort Worth Fire Dept. - Cancer Public Library Researcher / Navigator
As a cancer survivor, Captain Webb used his personal research experience in acquiring all available documented materials about EACH cancer most common to the firefighter (including varaious rare ones) to help the recently diagnosed fire service worker. He built a digital access library of CANCER INFO PACKAGES made available to each/all callers who sought his help. His INFO PACKAGES were comprised of highly detailed scientific education including: articles from medical journals, scientific textbook chapters and environmental toxicology studies detailing the kind of contaminants and exposures that align with recorded cancers. In addition, his research also comprised of necessary documents, forms and published government codes to help the claim application process. Since the inception of Captain Webb's Cancer Library, he also conducted counseling and guidance to help callers navigate through the system, where sharing his Cancer Info Packages were a major part of his support process.

JESSICA CONNELL-GLYNN, LCSW, CPC, CEC - Associate Mental Health Advisor
"Targeting and healing psychological trauma within rescue workers is a careful process of deep empathy and a combined spectrum of experience-based referencing of job-related (physical and emotional) health effects". As a therapist and mental health coach for emergency many responders, Jessica's work involves providing direct support in managing symptoms of personal anxiety and panic. Targeting TRAUMA and residually related fear (especially within the first responders' community) is specialized work inspired by her association with 9/11 victims and former NY service personnel. Jessica is also currently leading an interdisciplinary research project with a team of mental health and professionals in neurology to review the current care standards and collaborate on new protocols that target, assess and diagnose psychological disorders. (Visit her website- www.jagtheracoach.com

DAN NOONAN - National Safety Advocate / Educational Ambassador
Mr. Noonan's career started in Ladder Company 3 on East 13th street where only two years into the fire service, he experienced one of the most historical and devastating fires in the history of NYC Fire Department. He has since been an advocate for the 699 firefighters who responded to the Telephone Company Fire. His countless presentations and published work continues to raise education, awareness and prevention for all emergency responders about occupational toxic exposures and incendiary airborne toxicities and carcinogens. His presentations include valuable references from 9/11 and the 1975 NY Tel Exchange Fire, what many consider the second most deadly and costliest in the long history of the FDNY. (see historical feature/video)

DR. NOELLE CUTTER - Associate Cancer Research / Virtual Events Coordinator
Dr. Cutter is an Assoc. Professor at Molloy College Director and a recognized TedX Speaker. She is also a recipient of the 2006 Renate W. Chasman Scholarship for Women. Dr. Cutter was recently elected to join the advisory board of F.A.C.E.S. as a bridge clinical ambassador of the Integrative Cancer Resource Alliance - an academic "gatekeeper" of the “Get Checked Now” public campaign and an editorial support to published advocacy initiatives to cancer initiatives in the fire services.

Lt. DAVID DACHINGER (Ret) - Northeast F.A.C.E.S. Ambassador /Cancer Advocate
David Dachinger is a retired Fire Lieutenant with over 21 years as a leader in emergency services. He is also a Stage IV cancer survivor. He wrote cancer prevention policies for the Ridgefield CT Fire Department, and introduced physical fitness wellness initiatives. David hosts the video podcast “Responder Resilience”, which is dedicated to improving the mental and physical well-being of police, fire, EMS, and dispatch personnel. In addition to being a Grammy®-nominated engineer, David combined his expertise in multimedia, crisis leadership and major medical challenges to produce calming programs (alongside his wife Tamara) that enhance the lives of first responders & cancer patients though a state of the art APP called "Loving Meditations Mindfulness".

SALVATORE BANCHITTA - Sr. Communications Dir. / National Liaison to Industrial Associations
After a profound 20+ year career in the NY Fire Department, "Cousin" Sal gave all at the fire service- including his last assignment as one of the first responders in Ground Zero (9/11). He considers the firefighter "the first and last line of defense to protect all the members of the community from any catastrophe". His next personal crusade past fire calls is to share his own experiences and his research on the many cancer cases found "from the job" to drive his bretheren to heed NYCRA's cancer prevention message of "Get Checked Now!" Sal continues to volunteer as a speaker in firehouses and FF meetings, contributing his unique presentation style and counseling approach known only as "FROM THE KITCHEN"- a parlance between firefighters. (See Cousin Sal's intro video)

Mar 31, 2021- The Integrative Cancer Resource Alliance launches the first virtual town-hall style video meeting called The 2021 Cancer PowerMeet series. This interactive event is part of a set of panel-driven meetings covering the topics of OCCUPATIONAL TOXIC EXPOSURES and SURVIVORSHIP AFTER THE JOB - with a list of prominent guests from the Medical and First Responders' communities. Headliners for this event include nationally recognized spokesman for fire safety and fire rescue veteran from the 1975 NY Tel Fire & 9/11 DAN NOONAN. Alongside Mr. Noonan is 35+ year cancer medical imaging professor DR. ROBERT BARD (NYC) + associate director of the First Responders Cancer Resource Group and active duty responder in 9/11 Sal Banchitta. Together, they all share their powerful experiences about notable disasters in history, answering targeted questions from a panel of top members in the cancer care community steering public awareness and education about prevention and early detection as part of I.C.R.A.'s "Get Checked Now!" program.

The first ICRA Cancer PowerMeets Conference on Firefighters Cancer & Occupational Cancer Exposures- moderated by Cheri Ambrose of the Male Breast Cancer Coalition

Firefighters Against Cancer & Exposures is a national association comprised of active and retired firefighters, cancer advocates, medical professionals, educators and patient advocates united to provide a wide range of supportive resources. These resources are available to any and all first responders in need of assistance. Our members are committed to the continued extension of help to the many who have sacrificed all in the line of duty of the fire service.

The 2021 FACES UNITE project launches its expanded mission of leadership to build a coalition of cancer care foundations and first responders support organziations. Together, we form an alliance of resources as part of our unending mission to bring advocacy and other forms of aid to cancer victims in the fire service.

Often held by officials in the rescue or public service (ie. military, law enforcement, firefighters etc), a challenge coin is a custom-designed medallion bearing an organization's insignia or emblem and carried by the organization's members. It uniquely represents the group's uniqueness either by imprinting their motto or philosophy and/or impactful icons. The challenge coin is
traditionally granted to a special individual to prove membership or loyalty when challenged and to enhance morale. The F.A.C.E.S. challenge coin is awarded to our honorable members who go above and beyond for others, or to cancer survivors who fought valiantly, enduring all the adversities of battling illness.


Prostate cancer, now considered the most common cancer in men, especially African-Americans, was rare until the 1950’s. Earlier, a blood test identifying prostate specific antigen (PSA was developed for use in “rape kits” to provide criminal evidence in court) was never designed as the screening tool for prostate cancer that it has become today. Our national guidelines recommend screening with PSA for men age 55 to 69, a recommendation that 40% of men follow. But what happens after a PSA test is termed positive?

It has been confirmed by toxicologists and medical reports worldwide that OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH DISORDERS are predominant in the fire service. First responders hold potential cancer risks from the most extreme toxic exposures in every fire rescue call. (see complete article)

Chief Anthony Bruno, decorated career firefighter with the FDNY (1962-1989) achieved top ranks of leadership as Captain of ladder 12 on 17th Street in Manhattan in the late 70's then Chief in Bushwick, several years later. Celebrating his official retirement from the department in 1989, Chief Bruno found himself suiting up again, this time as a volunteer in the 9/11 WTC disaster of 2001. He and the thousands of first responders raced to southern Manhattan to help all survivors, only to be exposed to some of the most lethal neurotoxins and carcinogenic compounds expelled by the incinerated building materials where The World Trade Center towers once stood.

Throughout his career, Chief Bruno took the initiative to research and investigate the health effects of carbon monoxide exposures to first responders. Standardized blood samples showed reports of lethal levels of carbon monoxide in the system three or four hours after the event. Because of this, he implemented the use of advanced testing devices (c/o the NY EPA) to check for CO levels in the exhaled breath- with 97% accuracy. Chief Bruno saw the value in this testing protocol as he proposed a department-wide screening program to identify those suffering from too much exposure. (see complete article)

Diagnosis and Treatment Solutions of Inhaled Toxins
The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are usually non-specific. In patients with unclear neurological symptoms and possible exposure, carbon monoxide should be urgently considered as a differential diagnosis. (see complete article)


See us at the new issue of: (link)

News Updates from:

6/9/2020- Arthur Lacker spent two-and-a-half years hauling debris from the World Trade Center site after 9/11, breathing in the toxic dust (see complete article)

5/4/2020- John Feal, a 9/11 first responder, says contracting coronavirus was like “getting hit by a bus and then being backed up by that bus over and over again.” “[it] just makes me want to do more for others,” he says about helping get supplies for first responders. (see complete article)


(source: Professor D. Purser, toxicologist)

• (2,3,7,8) Tetrachloro
• Acrolein
• Aldehydes
• Asbestos
• Benz[A]Anthrene
• Benzene
• Benzo[A]Pyrene
• Carbon Fibre
• Carbon Monoxide
• Carbonyl Fluoride (COF2) 
• Ceramic
• Crotonaldehyde
• Dibenzofurans
• Dioxins
• Formaldehyde
• Furans
• Histone (H3.3)
• Hydrochloric Acid (HCl)
• Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN)
• Hydrogen Fluoride (HF)
• Isocyanates
• Metal Particulates
• Metals: Lead (Pb) & Cadmium (Cd)
• Nitrogen Oxides (Nox)
• Organic Irritants
• Phenol
• Phosphorous/Phosphate (P04)
• Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons
• Polychlorinated Biphenyls (Pcbs)
• Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon     – (Pahs)
• Styrene
• Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)



Diffuse non-Hodgkin lymphoma
Burkitt's tumor
Diffuse non-Hodgkin lymphoma
lmmunoblastic (diffuse)
Large cell (diffuse)
Lymphoblastic (diffuse)
Mixed small and large cell (diffuse)
Follicular (nodular) non-Hodgkin lymphoma
Follicular non-Hodgkins
lymphoma, unspecified
Large cell, follicular
Mixed small cleaved and large cell, follicular
Small cleaved cell, follicular
Hodgkin's disease
Hodgkin's disease, unspecified
Lymphocytic depletion
Lymphocytic predominance
Mixed cellularity
Nodular sclerosis
Other Hodgkin's disease
Chronic leukemia
Subacute leukemia
Lymphoid leukemia
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Adult T-cell leukemia
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Hairy-cell leukemia
Lymphoid leukemia, unspecified
Other lymphoid leukemia
Prolymphocytic leukemia
Subacute lymphocytic leukemia
Malignant immunoproliferative diseases
Alpha heavy chain disease
Gamma heavy chain disease
lmmunoproliferative small intestinal disease
Malignant immunoproliferative disease, unspecified
Other malignant immunoproliferative diseases
Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia
Monocytic leukemia
Acute monocytic leukemia
Chronic monocytic leukemia
Monocytic leukemia, unspecified
Other monocytic leukemia
Subacute monocytic leukemia
Multiple myeloma and malignant plasma cell neoplasms
Multiple myeloma
Plasma cell leukemia
Plasmacytoma, extramedullary
Myeloid leukemia
Acute myeloid leukemia
Acute myelomonocytic leukemia
Acute promyelocytic leukemia
Chronic myeloid leukemia
Myeloid leukemia, other
Myeloid leukemia, unspecified
Myeloid sarcoma
Subacute myeloid leukemia

Letterer-Siwe disease
Lymphoid, hematopoietic and related tissue, other specified
Lymphoid, hematopoietic and related tissue, unspecified
Malignant histiocytosis
Malignant mast cell tumor
True histiocytic lymphoma
Ascending colon
Colon, unspecified
Descending colon
Hepatic flexure
Overlapping lesion of colon
Sigmoid colon
Splenic flexure
Transverse colon
Angiosarcoma of liver
Intrahepatic bile duct carcinoma
Liver, unspecified
Liver cell carcinoma
Other sarcomas of liver
Other specified carcinomas of liver
Body Cardia
Greater curvature, unspecified
Lesser curvature, unspecified
Overlapping lesion
Pyloric antrum
Stomach, unspecified
Bronchus or lung, unspecified
Lower lobe, bronchus or lung
Main bronchus
Middle lobe, bronchus or lung
Overlapping lesion
Upper lobe, bronchus or lung

There's a lot more: please visit CDC.GOV website for the full list.


John Feal and the FealGood Foundation: ENSURING CANCER CARE FOR 9/11 FIRST RESPONDERS
By 2010, a new form of devastation appeared out of the shadows: a significant number of advanced and aggressive cancer cases suddenly grew within the many surviving rescuers and ground zero exposed. These victims were formerly cleared of any illnesses at first testing are now showing surprising numbers of cases of over 68 cancer types in the blood, brain, lung, liver, thyroid and skin...
See complete article


The First Responders Cancer Awareness program is a 2-part study where the One-Two punch in fighting cancer is about DIAGNOSTICS and TREATMENT. Check out Cousin Sal's video interview of cancer expert Dr. Jesse Stoff as he covers the many cancer treatment options available. Check out his private interview


What do you know about the 1975 NY TEL EXCHANGE FIRE? Listen to Gary Stemm's experiences-

"The Fire Still Burns" is a mini-series of interviews about surviving first responders from historical events. They share and describe their firsthand experiences and express their thoughts about safety, their health and concerns about all first responders. This episode highlights GARY STEMM's experiences at the 1975 NY Tel Exchange Fire, a disastrous event where 700+ firefighters responded to one of the largest fires in NYC history which affected most of the responders lives due to the toxic nature of this deadly fire. • See Video Pilot

Also: see: Solo interview of Ret. Ff. Dan Noonan, responder to the NY Tel Exchange fire."Red Star of Death"- Op-Ed by Dan Noonan


The New York State Troopers PBA, through its State Trooper Surgeons Program, honored several key medical professionals who have been instrumental in saving or improving the lives of NYS Troopers or their family members. in addition, one of the first honors (the Stetson Award) went to JOHN FEAL for his selfless support of the NYS Troopers. They also wanted to honor every first responder who attended - throughout the 18 years of political upheavals and getting everyone certified (with the WTC program). • Visit the complete feature @ First Responders Health Resource BlogNews LinkSee Event Photos


NYCRA and the first responders cancer resource program is about to launch phase 2 of its' cancer awareness topics. Where the first topic of our public educational outreach covered the many CANCER DIAGNOSTIC and TECHNOLOGIES available, this month shall introduce the next segment covering a global review of CANCER TREATMENT OPTIONS. NYCRA's top integrative cancer expert & cancer awareness speakers present this next important chapter at the upcoming RMA/FDNY meeting on June 25, 2019. They cover an easy to understand review of the many strategies and solutions in the management and treatment of cancer as part of a traveling presentation aptly titled "So you think you know Cancer?"

Press Release: RMA Meeting PDF- (6/25/2019)BlogNews Link

INNOVATION NEWS: Today's Radiotherapy

Since the advent of radiation therapy (and the invention of the x-ray) over a century ago, the noninvasive treatment approach of radiotherapy continues to be recognized as one of the most forward-thinking technologies in the pursuit of targeting cancer tumors. The CyberKnife® Robotic RadioSurgery System represents the latest performance innovation in this modality for treating benign and malignant tumors as well as other chronic disorders. (READ complete article) Release: - (12/22/2019)


With the combined use of remote portable ultrasound and telemedicine, the rescue unit raises the chances of the patient’s survival exponentially while significantly reducing the risks of complications during critical care. Telemedicine is the practice of medicine using technology to deliver care at a distance. Current communications technology and file-sharing allows medical doctors to consult EMT’s and Paramedics to work with their patients remotely...

In emergent situations like fire rescue, advancements in technology are (now more than ever) leaning toward more accurate real-time performance for on-site use. Care for BURN victims (and other major skin injuries) demand a more efficient way to evaluate trauma depth and wound healing without the risk of complications. The application of high-frequency sound waves in devices such as the high resolution 3D sonograms allows us to identify and analyze dermal and subdermal injuries ...

Click HERE to read the direct effects of 9/11 toxin exposure to the prevalence of ASTHMA. Where logic may dictate that the giant plume of noxious dust should equate to pulmonary issues within moments of contact, physicians have observed that certain body types carrying a special genetic makeup or possibly a unique tolerance may actually resist or even 'hide' any symptoms until well past a decade from the exposure.

Click HERE to read: PTSD ON THE JOB: High risk professions like emergency response are known to have exposure to some of the most extreme levels of trauma - both physically and psychologically. They range in effects from manageable symptoms to crippling disorders. Over time, most people overcome disturbing or traumatic experiences but others who get affected may trigger a reaction that can last for months or even years. This is called Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. Read our latest article: "The Major Occupational Hazard of Post Traumatic Recall" (PDF)

Click HERE to read all about some of the DEADLIEST TOXINS identified in fire zones by renowned toxicology expert Prof. David Purser. Also review medical comparisons in cancer latency and recurrence cases between CHERNOBYL and 9/11 + our first Pulmonary study in our summer newsletter feature" "IT ALL STARTS AT THE LUNGS"




11/12/2019 - The "Get Checked Now!" team from the First Responders Health and Cancer Resource group gives special thanks to CASEY POLITI, organizer of this special breakfast for retired firefighters. Additional thanks to Chief Bob Checco, (Ret) Asst. Fire Commissioner Stephen Gregory and Fire marshal Fred Heffel.



Meet John Signorile, retired firefighter from the FDNY and VP or the Retired Members Assoc. FDNY. He is our latest safety & health awareness advocate for all first responders.


The Bee Gees are not the only messengers for STAYING ALIVE. Meet retired paramedic and volunteer firefighter Captain Richard Marrone & hear his "Get Checked Now!" story.


RMA NEWS: "NY Cancer Resource Alliance Presents Awareness and Screening Options to Retired Firefighters"

4/30/3019 Brooklyn, NY -- The Retired Member’s Association of the FDNY (RMA) introduced the First Responders Cancer Resource team to present cancer awareness to a packed house of career firefighters. Topics included Early Detection & Prevention, getting a SECOND OPINION and the vigilant message of “Get Checked Now!”. Dr. Robert Bard, head clinical advisor made a surprise appearance to speak about 9/11 cancers and supported the RMA health directive. (See complete article) also see PR NEWSWIRE for complete press release.


When we think Italian Pioneer- who comes to mind? In the world of Cancer Diagnostic Imaging, (believe it or not) Leonardo Da Vinci had a hand in it too! The history of cancer treatment advancements attribute much to a community of pioneers in radiology from Italy who brought extensive contributions to the science of cancer screening, imaging and diagnostic innovations. Names such as Drs. Luigi Solbiati, Carlos Martinoli & Rodolfo Campani helped to pave the global movement for non-invasive detection of all cancer tumors and other subdermal disorders... (See complete article)


Meet Mr. Sal Banchitta. Recently retired from “the job”, he continues to support the entire community of first responders as a health and wellness advocate and a public speaker about maintaining continued health checkups and a proactive approach to health, safety and wellness. Sal is an elected Senior Ambassador of the “GET CHECKED NOW!” program developed by the clinical leaders of AwarenessforaCure.org and is also one of the contributing writers of the 9/11 Survivor Stories Newsletter. (See his complete interview)

Published by Awareness for a Cure & the NY Cancer Resource Alliance

Welcome to the FIRST RESPONDERS CANCER RESOURCE. Formerly the 9/11 CancerScan program, FTCR is a joint alliance between medical and clinical professionals and advocacy groups dedicated to bringing support to all first responders who may be affected by the many cancer risks and injuries "on the job".

Environmental toxins and carcinogens often arise from chemicals propelled at high temperatures where a rescuer exposed to this can have lasting effects on his or her health. Our organization is founded by a joint advisory partnership between first responders & survivors exposed to 9/11 and medical professionals who are experienced working with firefighters and 9/11 cancer cases. We are also patient advocates whose public awareness and educational efforts are dedicated to "getting the word out" about the latest information pertaining to the health and safety of all responders. Together, we have established a set of resource efforts online providing useful information and access to other cancer foundations, funding resources, support groups, clinical facilities and treatment innovation options and other ways that may support existing patients or the prevention and early detection to help our first responders.

Let us know how we can help our heroes stay safe!

When It's Time to Speak to a THERAPIST (part 1)
Mental Health is a concern in the first responder community especially since the 9/11 attacks where traumatic experiences could greatly affect our lives in complex and debilitating ways. Here are some troubling signs that may indicate a need for help." First responders are constantly exposed to many unforeseen challenges of (and from) the job- many of which can cause a lasting impression to the body or the mind. (see complete article)


Innovative New Cancer Detection from A "SIMPLE BLOOD TEST"
Recently, a new form of blood test called IvyGene can confirm the presence of cancer as early as stage 1 by providing measurable data in the form of a score to make it easier to understand- while confirming the presence of cancer early, when it can be more easily managed and treated. "...our mission is to make cancer testing available and affordable for everyone. We work closely with thousands of physicians nationwide to provide early cancer confirmation and save lives sooner. Unlike many genetic tests that use DNA to determine the propensity or possibility of developing cancer over time, the IvyGene test confirms actual disease presence at the time of testing." (see complete article)

SPECIAL VIDEO: Cancer Detection for Firefighters using Genetic/Blood Testing
The Beford Fire Dept is among the growing list of fire departments across the U.S. that are now pursuing advanced cancer detection protocols due to the job-related risk and elevated exposure to hazardous materials linked to cancers. (see video)

Richard Marrone & the 9/11 Cancer Resource Group
Richard Marrone is a career veteran with the NY Fire Department, an active FDNY Paramedic trainer and a first responder at 9/11-- his interest and personal insight to the concerns of ALL responders led to deeper exchange with the cancer imaging directors and soon became the establishment of a major public health outreach project and support network called the 911CancerScan program. (See Full Article)


Types of Cancers from WTC Disaster - an Overview Dr. Jesse A. Stoff
For people who have been exposed to the fallout (as lethal as radioactive fallout) and the dust from the 911 catastrophe, we're seeing not just these kinds of cancers but many other cases that are considered to be rare in prior groups. These rare cancers are delineated on the CDC website and are occurring, undoubtedly, because of the mixture of toxins that people have been exposed to. The volume of these toxins are absorbed into their bodies since 9/11 (while working with the clean-up efforts) and can't get rid of them. (See Full Article)

Meet Ret. Chief Larry Overcast- Retired Firefighter turned Breast Cancer Missionary

From an Interview with Awareness for a Cure reporter in 9/19/2018

They say you're cancer-free but in the back of your mind, there's always a chance of the 'boogerman' will jump up and get'ya. I was a Shelbyville firefighter back in 1973, and I worked there until '76. then I came back in '86 and officially retired 2011; the whole time, we didn't have any breathing (protection) apparatus. I worked there of a total, probably 33 years as a firefighter; a driver; a captain, but this captain still had to fight fires. We call it fire hall number one- as one of three stations in the city of Shelbyville, Tennessee. When I came back in '86 they started carrying respiratory protection on their trucks, but we didn't use em, and then with all the new plastics and the new synthetic materials and stuff coming out; I think I was one of the first ones that started using it because I didn't want all that stuff in my lungs. Out of it, they say I've got a touch of COPD; I don't know if that came from the fire department because I never smoked.

Around September 2016. I was out weed eating and mowing the grass. I wiped off sticks and sweat from my chest and that's when I felt something. I tried to wipe it off, and I looked down, and it was a little knot, about the size of the end of your little finger. (See full article) - special thanks to the MALE BREAST CANCER COALITION

"In my tenure as one of the founding directors of the Male Breast Cancer Coalition, I have met so many brave and inspiring men who have come forward about this plaguing disease. Against the odds, they stepped up to get a complete diagosis, underwent the process of cancer treatment and are still with us today- walking this earth to spread the word to others about how REAL Male Breast Cancer truly is!

Recently, I have met a growing number of FIREFIGHTERS in our area who fell prey to this disorder. As OCCUPATIONAL HAZARDS go, first responders carry some of the highest risk for cancers due to the exposure to some of the most horrible toxins. But the real danger is the stigma about getting Breast Cancer that keeps them from getting checkups. Thanks to NYCRA's "Get Checked Now" campaign, more and more are getting our message on time to address the cancer, and to stay vigilant about EARLY DETECTION & PREVENTION about this cancer and all other cancers that threaten our lives."

- Cheri Ambrose, MBCSCAN / Male Breast Cancer Coalition

Visit: www.MBCSCAN.com

The MALE BREAST CANCER COALITION, NY Cancer Resource Alliance and Bard Cancer Diagnostics (NYC) united to create the first comprehensive Male Breast Cancer Screening & Monitoring program dedicated to providing men with the full-service facility to screen, monitor and track any and all breast cancers in men. This also includes a complete awareness program about early detection, recurrence prevention and both pre-and-post treatment solutions.


provides diagnostic options targeting the most common health issues recorded from 9/11 exposure. Use of advanced sonogram technology out-performs MRI’s, X-Rays and CT-Scans and is a safe, non-invasive and radiation-free option to accurately gather real-time images of the inside of the body. It is used to find anomalies and help diagnose any injuries, tumors, cysts and infection while allowing the diagnostician the ability to zoom and ‘travel’ deep into the body for maximum exploration.

SCAN 1: For all new patients, it is recommended to start with a diagnostic imaging exam of the patient’s LUNGS, BLADDER, THYROID and LIVER to seek out any significant cysts and tumors. These are the more common organs that would show any telltale signs of any further issues in the body.

PROSTATE: The CDC has recorded Prostate Cancer as the second largest number of cancer cases in first responders. We offer a comprehensive prostate scan using advanced doppler technology to monitor and identify any cancerous issues that may pre-exist.

ADVANCED LUNG STUDY: Airborne toxins and carcinogens make their way throughout the body starting with the lungs. A more in-depth look at this area helps us identify any infections past or present from scarring or early stages of growths in the nearby airways. This can also be used as a preventative or early-detection procedure for possible future cases of Lung Cancer.

FULL SKIN DIAGNOSTICS: The CDC rated non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC) as the most common tumor in 9/11 cases. Skin cancer rates are continuing to rise and the most deadly form (melanoma) may be ruled out by 3D Doppler histogram imaging and advanced optical diagnostics.

The World Trade Center Attacks are still going on for so many with the new wave of cancers. Visit our 9/11 HEALTHWATCH NEWSLETTER for new updates, articles, interviews and features affecting our community of responders. (MORE)


Historical reports show significant cancer claims from emergency rescue units- especially FIREFIGHTERS. Where prior diagnoses may not identify dormant cancer strains, this program is attuned to search for and recognize markers from a thorough and comprehensive review with the use of advanced Histogram Analysis technology. Dr. Bard's program is also available for pinpointing a more accurate 'second view' of the behavior of pre-existing 9/11-related cancer cases (thyroid, kidney, prostate, lung, pancreatic, leukemia & multiple myeloma, etc.) and can recommend solutions that may confirm or invalidate prior reviews. Also, the BCD program is designed to providing a detailed analysis of many tumors, cysts or premalignant lesions that is complementary to most recognized biopsy reports without the invasive surgical procedure!

Another effective "weapon" in the battle against this epidemic is the Bard Cancer Diagnostic Program: From Advanced Cancer Scanning to the Non-Invasive "Digital Biopsy". Once the patient has been certified (and validated) by the WTC Health Program, individuals suffering from 9/11 related illnesses can receive VCF Compensation and reimbursements for their medical treatment. Patients now have their own choice of health professionals and the option to pursue recently available advanced medical care.

Dr. Robert Bard, expert Cancer diagnostician and the Northeast’s expert in 4D Doppler Imaging has developed the POST 9/11 CANCER DIAGNOSTICS PROGRAM. His NYC-based facilities (Bard Cancer Diagnostic Imaging) are equipped with only the most advanced state-of-the-art technologies that often out-performs higher-priced MRI’s, CT-Scan’s and X-Rays while promising to deliver more affordable and accurate reports in REAL-TIME from a process that's ready in MINUTES. BCD is prepared to provide any 9/11 first responder or survivor with advanced cancer screenings to search for impending cancers. Pre-cancerous symptoms that may arise as per the rising reported numbers of post-9/11 cancer cases are evaluated quickly, accurately and painlessly.

BARD CANCER DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING(NYC) has isolated and scanned countless cases of cancers using the most advanced diagnostic imaging technologies worldwide. We provide early detection and real-time "digital biopsies" of many tumor types using 4D Doppler innovations bringing accuracy and expediency to the comprehensive report- within MINUTES. For our patients, this is a priceless advantage that cuts down the wait time, decreases travel (to multiple diagnostic centers) and reduces the insurmountable level of stress and intolerable problems of today’s increasing medical bureaucracy. Our technology outperforms the advantages of MRI, X-ray and CT scans by 20-to-1. We have an uncompromising system that’s unique to the health care profession whereby our combined experience and technical advancements are called upon by many university hospitals and private practices today. My services were recently utilized during the terror attack in Nice by the truck driver who mowed down innocent civilians on the French Riviera where-x-ray and CT services were overwhelmed (I am a current member of the French Radiology Society-Societe Francaise de Radiologie since 1999)

With the aid of 4D Doppler Technology, Dr. Bard can identify, detect and analyze many tumors from pre-malignant areas to advanced cancerous cases. The regular sonogram shows a malignant disorder (top) while the 4D scan (bottom) displays a mass filled with cancerous arteries and veins meaning this is highly aggressive requiring immediate attention.

Exposure to toxins may produce cancers in many organs. This patients chronic cough prompted a chest sonogram showing a pulmonary tumor that had produced malignant fluid partially collapsing the breathing volume but had not yet metastasized below the diaphragm. The liver, an early target of cancer seeding, was clearly seen to be untouched in the same sonogram study simply by moving the probe from the chest wall to the abdomen sparing our patient from extra testing and mental stress over the possible spread of disease.

Our mesothelioma patient (pictured above) had a minor injury and noticed a new lump under the small bruise. A 5 minute scan showed the discoloration was caused by minor blood vessel damage due to the underlying BENIGN fatty tumor.  Cysts and other non-malignant disorders can be distinguished from metastatic lymph nodes (glands) providing “real-time” relief of anxiety of cancer recurrence.

  MPR-TV reports on Advanced Cancer Doppler Imaging. Meet Dr. Robert L. Bard (award-winning cancer diagnostician and expert imaging specialist). Get the facts about the many new 9/11 Cancer Cases 18 years since the terror attacks- and how we are waging a new war with advanced technology like the use of 3D/4D Doppler Histogram Scans.

To compare the performance of the 4D ULTRASOUND SONOGRAM over MRI, XRAY and CT SCAN, this  comprehensive chart identifies the clear advantages of physician directed imaging and targeted diagnosis as compared with the routine radiographic tests. Specifically, a patient puts his finger on the lump or points out the area of pain to the sonogram specialist who then focuses on the region of concern.  The investigating physician will demonstrate the problem on the scan to the patient and ensure that both are in agreement that the primary disorder is in the cross-hairs of the 3D scan.  As the 4D (real-time 3D) is proceeding the diagnostic possibilities are discussed and alternative diagnostic imaging are mentioned. Diagnostic sonography is the FIRST EXAM used worldwide because it is the least invasive for the best solution to a patient’s problem. Since the test is interactive and performed in real-time, for example, we have the patient with the ankle “sprain” move the foot and see  the injured tendon separate further as it is stretched voluntarily confirming the diagnosis of a complete tear. Fractures underlying ligament trauma are concurrently detected.  For many trauma cases this technology determines whether our patient needs an ice pack for pain or a scalpel to repair the tendon rupture.  Similarly, with cancer patients, aggression can be determined and graphically seen by the patient within minutes.  Extent of disease can be staged quickly and treatment plans started immediately.  Patients, fearing the worst, are de-stressed somewhat by bad news delivered immediately with therapeutic options simultaneously provided.

If you may have been recently diagnosed or have realistic concerns about 9/11-related cancers, contact us immediately at 212.355.7017. We are available to discuss your options and work with your physician on the many ways that our advanced 4D Digital Diagnostic System for post 9/11 trauma or cancer cases can help you. We are ready to work with the current compensation benefits fund to get you the best noninvasive diagnostic testing and minimally invasive treatments available.


Having paved the way for the study of various cancers both clinically and academically, Dr. Robert Bard co-founded the 9/11 Cancer Scan program to bring additional diagnostic support to all first responders from Ground Zero. His main practice in midtown, NYC (Bard Diagnostic Imaging- www.CancerScan.com) uses the latest in digital Imaging technology has been also used to help guide biopsies and in many cases, even replicate much of the same reports of a clinical invasive biopsy. Imaging solutions such as high-powered Sonograms, Spectral Doppler, sonofluoroscopy, 3D/4D Image Reconstruction and the Spectral Doppler are safe, noninvasive, and does not use ionizing radiation. It is used as a complement to find anomalies and help diagnose the causes of pain, swelling and infection in the body’s internal organs while allowing the diagnostician the ability to zoom and ‘travel’ deep into the body for maximum exploration.


Dr. Stoff is a highly-credentialed medical expert studying all medical remedies in pursuit of resolving the most challenging health issues of our time. In many circles, he is recognized for his 35+ years of dedicated work in immunology and advanced clinical research in modern CANCER treatments. He has spoken worldwide in some of the most sought-after medical conferences about his experiences and analyses on the study of human disease. His integrative practice INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE OF NY, Westbury, NY) has been continually providing all patients with the many comprehensive clinical options and modalities available- including "ONCO-IMMUNOLOGY", the science of battling cancer cells and reversing pre-cancerous conditions through a complete prevention program that has earned him great success in this field.Dr. Stoff has treated and managed countless patients who were affected by 9/11-related disorders and continues both public awareness efforts and clinical research in supporing this community of victims.


After the Compassionate Care Act came into effect, Dr. Thomas O’Brien upgraded his family practice in NYC to include the use of medical marijuana (THC & CBD solutions) for his patients by being one of the first certified physicians in the State of New York allowed to prescribe regulated dosages of THC and CBD as needed. His use of this treatment solution includes patients with a wide range of disorders from chronic pain to cancer and tumors. Credentialed as a clinical nutritionist, getting certified to treat patients with cannabis products has become a logical next-step evolution and a positive addition to Dr. O’Brien’s tool box. His research with medical cannabis showed extensive clinical success and was also impressed by its nature-based solution to help a widening list of disorders without harmful side effects. (see complete article)


As a therapist and coach, a lot of my work with clients is helping to manage symptoms of anxiety and panic- that which manifests in physical, often frightening and alarming ways. We can experience things like racing heartbeat, shortness of breath, numbness in arms and legs which can all make us feel like we are out control of our bodies and our surrounding world. When we have experienced a traumatic event in our lives, these feelings can be even more severe and heightened. The trauma and residually related fear is one that is very close to my heart and a reason I can provide empathy and understanding to clients that have been affected by the horrific day. When we work to process physical emotions that arise from trauma, the hope is that one day we can be less affected by it and live more presently to enjoy life’s fulfilling moments. I work with clients to slowly pull apart the physical emotions we experience from the thoughts that we are having and process them in a more self-aware and grounded way., visit her website- www.jagtheracoach.com


Dr. Stephen Chagares is a NJ board-certified surgeon in Tinton Falls and a global pioneer in advanced robotic procedures. He is a major supporter of post-surgical health maintenance for all patients especially cancer survivors who underwent reconstructive surgeries. His commitment to the continued evolution of modern medicine supports the development of protocols to use advanced ultrasonic screening solutions for all mastectomy patients and implant users. "I am hoping Dr. Bard’s advanced ultrasonic screening becomes the foundation for development of future protocols for screening and diagnostic imaging for all breast implant patients. Hopefully, these protocols using this ultrasound technology can be incorporated with other breast implant safety programs to create the best medical care possible for all breast implant patients.” - (see complete feature article) For more about Dr. Chagares, visit his website- drchagares.com



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