PILOT: "The Fire Still Burns" is a mini-series of interviews about surviving first responders from historical events. They share and describe their firsthand experiences and express their thoughts about safety, their health and concerns about all first responders. This episode highlights GARY STEMM's experiences at the 1975 NY Tel Exchange Fire, a disastrous event where 700+ firefighters responded to one of the largest fires in NYC history which affected most of the responders lives due to the toxic nature of this deadly fire.


EPISODE 1: "The Fire Still Burns"- The Dan Noonan interview
On February 27, 1975, the NY Telephone Exchange Fire occurred- where 699 firefighters experienced the most unprecedented disaster in NYC history. Many illnesses and cancer cases came about due to the exposure to this call, and this special video interview with Ff. Noonan presents in chilling detail the complexity and dangers of this rescue mission. This video also presents the terrible aftermath & toxic health effects of their exposures to burning Polyvinyl Chloride and other carcinogenic compounds. (Also, see 'THE RED STAR OF DEATH"- the latest Op-Ed article written by Ret. Ff. Noonan as published at the NYT.)

News Feature
F.A.C.E.S: Firefighters Against Cancers and Exposures
April 12, 2018- Bedford gets nationwide interest after screening firefighters for cancer. CH8 News presents Cancer Detection for Firefighters using Genetic/Blood Testing. The Beford Fire Dept is among the growing list of fire departments across the U.S. that are now pursuing advanced cancer detection protocols due to the job-related risk and elevated exposure to hazardous materials linked to cancers. Special interview with Bedford Dire Dept. Chris Conner, Darren Cook and Chief Sean Fay,

AWARENESS FOR A CURE: "Get Checked Now!" Meet Richard Marrone- 9/11 First Responder, retired NYS EMS for the FDNY and active Volunteer Firefighter on Long Island. He promotes the message of staying on top of physical checkups and screenings for all rescue personnel due to the high rate of cancer in this profession.



Fraternal Org. News: Cancer Experts Speak to Retired Responders about Prevention and Full Review on Top Treatment Solutions"
NYCRA and the first responders cancer resource program is about to launch phase 2 of its' cancer awareness topics. Where the first topic of our public educational outreach covered the many CANCER DIAGNOSTIC and TECHNOLOGIES available, this month shall introduce the next segment covering a global review of CANCER TREATMENT OPTIONS. NYCRA's top integrative cancer expert & cancer awareness speakers present this next important chapter at the upcoming RMA/FDNY meeting on June 25, 2019. They cover an easy to understand review of the many strategies and solutions in the management and treatment of cancer as part of a traveling presentation aptly titled "So you think you know Cancer?"