HONORING "THE 699 AT THE ROCK" - excerpt from FACES NEWS release
5/22/2022- After decades of waiting to get a plaque made to commemorate the 1975 NY Tel Exchange Fire, it took Dan Noonan (national advocate for the 699 firefighters who battled the fire) to partner with The Fire Bell Club of NY and the FDNY Fire Academy, aka "The Rock" in Randall’s Island, NY to finally make this event happen! Honoring one of NYC's major disaster (Feb. 27, 1975) via a Memorial Wall and Plaque Dedication Ceremony was what many first responders have been waiting for. (see complete FD VIDEO / also see Dr. Bard's speech)

I had the distinct pleasure of presenting the first "BARD AWARD' (fully known as 'The Robert L. Bard Distinguished Advocacy Leadership Award') to Dan Noonan for his 45+ year commitment and his personal mission of public advocacy is best to be described as a work of true art. We watched him diligently reshape and re-polish his story in every turn, perfecting a vivid picture about the 1975 fire- leaving all audiences with a true-to-life experience after each of his presentations. His latest depiction was undoubtedly his best version yet- adding even more detail and inflection and passion to the story. He brought us there as a young probie jumping into action that fateful day, unaware of the many dangers and health implications. (see complete coverage)

As the 1975 Fire is finally receiving its proper commemoration for the 699 responders who gave all to the most dangerous fire in NY FD history, it is fitting to have he one clinical expert in cancer diagnostics carry the honors of appreciation for the NY fire service and the 47+ year effort of Dan Noonan for an unending commitment to keep the fires of the "Great 699" alive- and the lessons learned from this chapter in fire history. Dr. Robert Bard, Chief Medical Advisor of F.A.C.E.S. took on the pulpit for closing ceremonial statements in the name of prevention, public health and awareness about all the new treatment modalities that are available to our service personnel. (See Dr. Bard's complete closing statements)

LET'S BATTLE CANCER TOGETHER! The desire to extend a helping hand to those in need is in all of us- especially when someone's health or physical well being is at risk. FIREFIGHTERS lead this spirit of responding to a call for rescue during times of crisis or disaster. BUT WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A RESPONDER NEEDS HELP?

Leading the global front of this helping hand means searching for all available RESOURCES. FACES bands together as a community to form a solid support resource system between all cancer organizations and firefighter support groups.

FIREFIGHTERS AGAINST CANCER & EXPOSURES ( F.A.C.E.S. ) is founded by Christopher Conner of Bedford, TX. As a first responder, Chris established a community of resources dedicated to helping firefighters who have been diagnosed with cancer. Originally established as a charitable foundation, the 2021 version of FACES aligns with the strength of all cancer orgs, cancer resources and first responder groups to collectively bring public support and aid to our heroes in all ways possible. Firefighters and their families dedicate their lives and lifestyles to save others; it is our turn to help them. Heroum Animas Salvas. Save the Lives of Heroes.

Leading the global front of this helping hand means searching for all available RESOURCES. F.A.C.E.S. bands together as a community to form a solid support resource system between all cancer organizations and firefighter support groups.

In the early 1900's, identifying cancer meant certain death. This brought the medical and non-medical people together to help establish the beginnings of what is to become a world-wide mission to battle and elimintate cancers and other devastating illnesses. Some of the most remarkable organizations have formed such as the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (1949) and the American Cancer Society (1913) who worked tirelessly in their crusade by assembling fundraisers, perform outreach projects and conduct educational programs-- all in the name of finding help for the many victims while funding the continuance of medical research for advanced treatment options. In recent years, cancer mortality has successfully shown a consistent decline due to the effectiveness of modern treatments and advanced methodologies. Where strongly funded and well-supported sciences are gaining significant technological advantage over what was once a vastly unknown disease, the rate of survivors are measuring well above the stats from years prior. But the fight is far from over.


When it comes to supporting our first responders, you don't get a better connection than firefighters helping firefighters. FACES carries a national presence, building new alliances each day. All FACES ambassadors are knowledgeable and compassionate to the history of cancer exposures and occupational health issues that plague everyone in the fire service. For those who are recently diagnosed or experiencing recurrence, we can help.

1) FREE COUNSELING: The devastating and emotional pressures that come with being diagnosed can affect your decision making process. Understanding this, FACES provides free counseling on just about every part of your process including:

• how to build a cancer strategy
• evaluating current resources
• building a 1st & 2nd Opinion plan
• assessment of your doctors
• selecting diagnostic solutions
• reviewing all treatment solutions
• research to funding sources
• financial planning
• Health Maintenance programs
• Staying in Remission plan
• Integrative Immunology review
• mental health support

2) RESOURCE ADVISORY & DIRECTORY: FACES has access to an extensive library of resources for cancer patients in need. Once our support team identifies your needs, we compile a set of initial, secondary and ongoing set of recommendations for our members. Our FACES resource directory includes:

• Supportive therapies
• access to funding sources
• converting life insurance
• alternative diagnostic solutions
• all health facilities (national)
• Firefighters benefits
• Victims' Compensation
• Health Maintenance programs
• Family support
3) PREVENTION & EARLY DETECTION MEANS "GET CHECKED NOW!": As OCCUPATIONAL HAZARDS go, first responders carry some of the highest risks in cancer exposures due to some of the most horrible toxins. But the real danger is in NEGLIGENCE. FACES promotes the national "Get Checked Now" campaign, getting our responders regular checkups, monitoring and screening. Time is everything with cancer, and staying vigilant about EARLY DETECTION & PREVENTION keeps us all above the curve! The FACES "GET CHECKED NOW!" program includes relationships with a major list of genetic testing labs to offer discounted (or free) cancer tests. We also have partnerships with imaging labs to provide low cost scanning (either full body or area scans).

Firefighters Against Cancer & Exposures is a national association comprised of active and retired firefighters, cancer advocates, medical professionals, educators and patient advocates united to provide a wide range of supportive resources. These resources are available to any and all first responders in need of assistance. Our members are committed to the continued extension of help to the many who have sacrificed all in the line of duty of the fire service. (also visit our ALLIANCE and PARTNERS pages)

The 2021 FACES UNITE project launches its expanded mission of leadership to build a coalition of cancer care foundations and first responders support organziations. Together, we form an alliance of resources as part of our unending mission to bring advocacy and other forms of aid to cancer victims in the fire service.

Often held by officials in the rescue or public service (ie. military, law enforcement, firefighters etc), a challenge coin is a custom-designed medallion bearing an organization's insignia or emblem and carried by the organization's members. It uniquely represents the group's uniqueness either by imprinting their motto or philosophy and/or impactful icons. The challenge coin is
traditionally granted to a special individual to prove membership or loyalty when challenged and to enhance morale. The F.A.C.E.S. challenge coin is awarded to our honorable members who go above and beyond for others, or to cancer survivors who fought valiantly, enduring all the adversities of battling illness.



F.A.C.E.S. 2.0 : Facing Together with an International Coalition of Support
4/15/2021" The NY Cancer Resource Alliance and the directors of the First Responders "GET CHECKED NOW!" program united with Lt. Chris Conner, president and founder of F.A.C.E.S. (Firefighters Against Cancer & Exposures) to form a global alliance to spearhead public awareness, education, resources and support for firefighters with cancer. The Bedford Texas based charitable fund to bring rescue to firefighters in need (from Cancer) joined the IC.R.A. (Integrative Cancer Resource Alliance) to drive their common crusade beyond the domestic borders. (see complete article)

OCCUPATIONAL CANCERS: A Review or Toxic Exposures from Burn Pits & the Fire Service
2/27/2021 - A BURN PIT is a method of garbage disposal in military bases (identified in Iraq and Afghanistan) where all waste is burned in a large pit in open air using combustible agents such as diesel fuel. All refuse is incinerated here- from medical and human waste to plastics and rubber to environmental hazards like styrofoam, ammunition petroleum products. The effects of Burn Pits are being compared to other known military health cases like the wide exposure to Agent Orange from Viet Nam- as well as the many cancer cases caused by disasters like 9/11. (see our SCIENCE REVIEW page)

Prostate cancer, now considered the most common cancer in men, especially African-Americans, was rare until the 1950’s. Earlier, a blood test identifying prostate specific antigen (PSA was developed for use in “rape kits” to provide criminal evidence in court) was never designed as the screening tool for prostate cancer that it has become today. Our national guidelines recommend screening with PSA for men age 55 to 69, a recommendation that 40% of men follow. But what happens after a PSA test is termed positive? It has been confirmed by toxicologists and medical reports worldwide that OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH DISORDERS are predominant in the fire service. First responders hold potential cancer risks from the most extreme toxic exposures in every fire rescue call. (see our SCIENCE REVIEW page)


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